Our goal is to provide
the best experience possible
to those who want to dive.

The over 250 square meters surface is dedicated to didadict activities, refilling, equipment garaging and also offers a free Wi-Fi reception, an equipment warehouse, a rinsing pool, drying area, customer warehouse, dressing room and a common rea. Besides the bathroom, the Diving does not have any architectural barrier.

In the technical room, completely renewed in 2017, are located an Alkin 600lpm 200/300bar tropicalized compressor, which is only used for compressed air refilling’s, and an LW 250lpm compressor, provided with a CO analyser and after cooler for an up to 5° air cooling.

This compressor, with the Trimix MPS technology mixing control unit, is used exclusively for Nitrox refilling or for mixtures destined to technical dives; the MPS technology booster, for pure oxygen refilling and two more analysers complete the refilling room allocations. A maintenance workbench completes the room.

  • Superfice di oltre 250mq con sala corsi multimediale.
  • Servizio di ricarica ARIA – NITROX – Trimix – O2
  • Ampi spogliatoi, docce con acqua calda, wc
  • Accesso a tutti i servizi senza barriere architettoniche
  • Reception con servizi multilingue
  • WI-FI gratuito


Our team of experts awaits you for a peerless experience. You will learn to breathe where you would have thought it to be impossible, to uncover an incredible world: the sea.



We work with the best. We are proud of our partners, which support us to offer the best diving experience possible.


No demand is too wide or not important for our team. If it is important to you, it matters to us.