Looking at the sea means looking at the element that occupies 70% of the visible surface of the earth, an “element” that represents a world apart, almost completely unknown, that man has been able to visit with appropriate equipment only a few decades ago and that he started to explore in a systematic way only very recently.

Today, learning to dive is within everyone’s reach and, with the right commitment, in a relaxing, safe and comfortable environment, nothing will be more rewarding than leaving the surface of the sea to venture into this extraordinary experience.

Tavolara’s diving instructors offer over 35 years of experience in certifying thousands upon thousands of divers of all levels, sharing their passion for teaching with those who are new to diving or those who choose to continue their training, expanding their limits and knowledge in both recreational and technical diving.

Our pool is the sea, the taste of salt on our skin and on our lips when we get out of the water after working with our students, and the just reward is the smile on the face of those who have shared time and emotions with us.

Those who enrol in one of our courses have the feeling that they will have all the attention, time, availability and flexibility to achieve their goal. At Tavolara Diving you will find prepared, smiling, friendly instructors, able to involve you fully in the experiences you will live and to motivate you to face the small and big challenges that every training programme entails.

Start studying with our Evo e-learning system by PSS, a 100% Italian teaching agency that is part of the RSTC (Receational Scuba Training Council) whose patents are recognised all over the world like many other patent-issuing agencies.

PSS is also the best and most advanced self-study platform on the dive training market, which greatly facilitates interactive learning by allowing divers to arrive at the dive with the theoretical part already read and developed through modular questionnaires; in this way the instructor can focus the explanations on the main topics and resolve any doubts that may have arisen during the self-study, thus having more time to dedicate to practical training.


From the most advanced underwater certifier,
the most advanced study system.
Thanks to its simplicity and versatility of use, PSS EVO is the best study system applied to diving. Manuals, quizzes, instructional videos and the possibility to interact with the instructor are always at the student’s disposal to study and prepare for the diving world whenever and wherever he/she is. EVO, in fact, is the only study system in the world available on Smartphone, Tablet and PC.