Tavolara Tek Diving, our “division” dedicated to technical diving.

It was founded in 2011 by two dear friends of our diving center, OC and CCR technical instructors, Pina Troiano and Alberto Gregori.In ten years of personal growth and work we have had many experiences, met and welcomed many divers who are passionate about this type of diving from all over Europe and, from them, we have learned a lot.

In this area there are no wrecks of real interest to wreck divers and those that have been visited are only a few. Those that were open to visitors have been closed, such as the German tanker Nautilus and the wreck of the Messerschmitt Giant aircraft, or have been banned from diving because they are marked as war sanctuaries, such as the beautiful submarine P311, discovered by Massimo Domenico Bondone.

But this does not mean that even if you are based at Tavolara Diving for technical diving you cannot drive to other diving centers to visit wrecks during your holiday.

What the MPA does offer to technical divers is the chance to take a trip down into the geological memory of the Mediterranean, observing the deep coral reefs, the long granite ridges, the landslides, the endless forests of gorgonians that can be seen from 50 metres down to over 90 metres.

Sometimes struck by the visibility at certain depths, other times by the amount of life and colors and even more by the rare encounters with colonies of black coral or branches of red coral, which is a rarity here, this sea never disappoints.

And when you are decompressing in certain sites and at certain times of the season, you may see the occasional huge tuna passing by, or be surrounded by hundreds of amberjacks, snappers or be observed by curious dolphins that approach without fear.

Messerschmitt M323
Tankshiffe Nautilus
Submarine P311

Diving with Tavolara Tek Diving takes place exclusively on permitted sites, in optimal weather conditions and according to the level of certification possessed by the participants.

There is no underwater guide, as we often join the dives independently to film, take photographs, monitor the state of the site or simply to take advantage of the opportunity and relax away from the surface 

When we organize the dives, a descent footbridge is provided with a large surface float to which the decompression station is connected on three levels: 6-9-12m, which can be undocked of course.

Assistance is guaranteed by the boat which will not be mooring and by the presence on board of a certified tek diver, equipped in OC, who will be able to descend to check the location of the decompression tanks on the station, bring to the surface the divers’ decompression tanks, which are no longer needed, as well as scooters and photo or video equipment, or provide assistance in ascending to the surface and back on the boat.
All divers will have to rely on themselves mainly and only if they can show that they have the appropriate certificates for the depth of the dive site and their own insurance.

hectares of sea to explore
of coast territory
performed dives in over 30 years of activity
new divers every year


We do know that there cannot be two equal places in the world and a busy life deserves to explore the best ones. This is why we are certain that the locations we will have you diving in will always find a place in your heart.