There are many questions that arise when thinking about a diving course, especially when you decide to do it during a holiday: will it be difficult, will I like it, will I be scared, will I be up to it, what awaits me, how much time will it take, how much money will I have to invest.

To resolve these doubts, with Tavolara Diving you can choose to enrol in the PSS Scuba Experience program, which is designed and structured to give you both the training experience of learning how easy it is to do the techniques and the excitement of a real dive in the Tavolara Marine Reserve.

This programme can be carried out in one day, divided between morning and afternoon; normally in the morning you can watch the video, prepare your equipment and go to the beach where techniques will be explained, demonstrated and then performed to learn how to manage certain things independently.

In the afternoon you go out to sea with one of the diving boats to carry out the planned dive accompanied by the instructor, at a maximum ratio of 2 students at a time, and visit the seabed in our sea. This could be the cliffs of Tavolara, the rocks of Molara or the wreck of the ship Chrisso, which is just a few metres from the surface.

Since these are two half-days, you could also decide to do the training part one day and the dives the next: we are very flexible and available to meet your expectations and needs.
On the boat you can then decide whether to do one dive or two.

At the end of this day you will find it very easy to answer these questions:

You will start by watching a video and soon after, in the pool or similar environment, you will learn some basic techniques. You will then be able to answer the following questions:

  1. What should you do as soon as you dive?
    A) Compensate.
    B) Nothing.
  2. How should you breathe in the water?
    A) Normally.
    B) Hold your breath between each breath.
  3. If you feel uncomfortable in the water, what should you do?
    A) Contact the instructor immediately.
    B) Ascend to the surface.
  4. What instrument should you often check when diving?
    A) The pressure gauge.
    B) The thermometer.
  5. What can you do after the Scuba Experience programme?
    A) Attend the Scuba Diver Course.
    B) Dive on your own.

Done? Now, under the guidance of your instructor, you’ll experience the thrill of breathing underwater and the indescribable sensation of wandering “weightless” among multicoloured fish and seabeds

On completion of the Scuba Experience programme you will understand why many people leave the limits of the terrestrial world to dive beneath the surface of the sea… and you will want to be one of them!

You can become a certified diver by attending the Scuba Diver and Open Water Diver courses, earning an international certification. These certifications will allow you, wherever you are in the world, to enjoy an ‘underwater’ nature that is still free and unspoilt.

Cost of the programme:

  • Beach part only €80,00
  • With a single dive €120,00
  • With two dives €150,00

Minimum age to participate 10 years
Maximum reachable depth 12m


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