A renewing group which has been telling
this sea’s magic since 1985.

We are those who fell in love with her, those who keep talking about it even while being far away, trying to convey its sheer beauty that keeps attracting people and sailors from all over the Mediterranean.
You just have to look at this island by its different colours, the shades of pink at the sunset, covered from the hat of clouds foreshadowing the sirocco, whipped by the mistral or still in the quiet of full moon nights, surrounded by rich and unique sea bottoms, to understand the effort and the point of many words spent trying to describe it.

With more or less experience, those part of our staff must love this job and this place: with the smile and reliability that distinguish us, we are constantly busy improving an activity which allows us to make those who come to us to spend their vacation happy, also pushed by the will and the pleasure to feel as an active part of the world we are trying to represent.

After all, this is the motto we have chosen to depict us: THIS IS OUR LIFE!

The 36th season opening in


Our scuba guides and instructors are waiting for you to bring you to the discover of one of the most extraordinary places in the whole Mediterranean: the sea of Tavolara island.

Diving spots


Stories, pictures and divers’ experiences (and more) told to be shared with those who love the sea.

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