Molarotto beach rock (technical dive)

In the offshore, in a constantly crystalline water you can find this extremely beautiful immersion site: a flat beach rock, exactly down to 50mt of depth from which, in certain spots, a step arises, which can get to -58mt. In effect in looks like a tropical reef, due to the richness of life you can observe in it: a forest of red and yellow gorgonian, rocks scattered everywhere covered in encrusting sea sponges, axinellae, madrepores, anemones, cerianthids, etc. In the slits you can find an abundance of lobsters, and forkbeards in the shadowy areas, the usual inevitable Anthias, some groupers of great size swimming on the sand, the St. Peter fish, and much more. In the ascent, which is usually freely done, it’s not unusual to receive a visit by snappers and amberjacks. Average depth of immersion 50mt.