Secca Orizzonte (technical dive)

The most beautiful deep dive you can perform in this Protected Marine Area, but also one of the most challenging: starting bathymetric of -59mt, explored up to 70mt.
A paradise of colours, contrasts, sea life, coral environment, full of fish, with a forest of yellow gorgonian vertically arranged, rising from the bottom to over a meter and a half of height.
A series of terracing mislead the diver who, following the path of the shoal, easily slips to the depth of 65mt and over; in good weather conditions, with clean water and the sun up, visibility and light are amazing, despite the distance from the surface.
Great San Pietro Fish always swin unopposed here, and you can observe big Echinoideas on the bottom.
For the most careful and expert eyes, important red coral branches and, on the limits of the area, undiscovered until now, a wonderful black coral branch.. the real one, though!
Descent and ascent along the safety buoy thrown on the arrival.