Mamma Elvira shipwreck (technical dive)

The “Mamma Elvira”, built in La Spezia and named “Elvira Madre”, was target of an air raid in Viareggio, in 1944. Once fixed, it was renamed with the new name and started sailing the Mediterranean sea again. On the October 28th 1950 the motorboat, 39mt long and 316 of GRT had set sail from Carloforte. There were 8 crew members, all from Viareggio, 800 tons of barite and 40 of explosive. But, in the middle of the night, nearby Molara, the “Mamma Elvira”, probably due to weather condition, was victim of a sinking. The crew got away safely, and reached Punta Timone on a shallop, on the island of Tavolara, but the hull sank, carrying with it the whole cargo.

Recommended level: Decompression
Max dept: 46