Klearkhos wreck (technical dive)

Cargo ship built in 1962, flying Greek flag, left sinking between the islands of Tavolara and Molara on the 20.07.1979, after a fire which couldn’t be tamed in any way. Due to the legal proceedings related to the low clarity offered by the captain about the kind of load, is referred to as “the poisons ship”, and is submitted to continuous monitoring by the authority; the load, officially depicted as barrels containing tetraethyl lead, has been almost completely recovered and on the shipwreck, marked by the fire, a flourishing underwater life developed. The ship, long about 75mt, rests lying on the left side: great gorgonians cover the starboard flank but the superstructures are all finely detectable: the hinges and the loading cranes, the winches for the anchors, the main deck, and the open holds. Challenging immersion due to the low visibility which is often to be found in the site, however one of the best preserved shipwrecks in the area.