Monteponi ship (technical dive)

Cargo ship built in 1917, steam propulsion, torpedoed while in navigation from Cagliari to Olbia, sinking on the 21.07.1941 in the Posada offshore. The shipwreck, long about 60mt, lies in navigating trim on a sand and debris seabed, with the prow pointing to the offshore. Optimal visibility, but the ship isn’t in great conditions: the whole central part collapsed on itself following the explosion and therefore it’s an immersion taking place around the shipwreck, however interesting especially for the exceptional flora and fauna developed. The great prow is covered by sections of pretty old fishing nets, by now colonized by sea sponges, ascidians, gorgonians, etc; through the metal plates fallen on the seabed, and the maze formed on the ship, you can notice lobsters, sea cicadas, a couple of large groupers, fork beards and great striped breams: hunting snappers swim in the blue sea. The imposing stern is intact, with a wide rudder planted in the sand and the propeller absolutely finely detectable. A fine immersion, ideal for optimal environmental photography.

Minimum level: Accelerated Decompression

Recommended level: Trimix Normossico
Max dept: 50-60