On the same bathymetric line as Orizzonte Shoal, but further to the east, is this bank of coral that slopes gently down from 48-50 m to a depth of 60 m, misleading divers who decide to follow its outer profile in the belief that they are always at the same depth.
Large gorgonians and sponges, practically monochromatic, characterise this site where everything seems to be yellow, resting on the reddish bottom, on which Anthias and St. Peter fish swim, while large scorpion fish camouflage themselves among the cracks in the rock.
If you dive with a scooter, the most enjoyable thing is to explore the surroundings and climb up the profile of the bottom until you reach lower altitudes from which you can then head for the surface.
A challenging dive given the depth, however, ideal for an Extended Range or Accelerated Decompression license, best with a hypoxic trimix and certainly equipped with a scooter.

Minimum level: Accelerated Decompression

Recommended level: Trimix Normossico