Languste ship (technical dive)

Tanker built in 1921, combining the hulls of two submarines, which is where the unusual shape of the hull comes from, sank on the 13.10.1942; long a bit less than 90mt, lies 85mt deep, inclined of at least 15° on the left flank. Stern detached following the torpedoing by the English submarine Utmost, and only on this side there’s an old fishing net, which is not to be considered a danger for any diver; a propeller and the rudder are recognizable. The shipwreck is basically intact, except the wooden superstructures which collapsed with time; you can access the galley and another room through two large passages. Many fragments on the seabed: the flagpole with the lantern for the navigation light, the 3 telegraphs, an anchor, a couple of portholes, radio system wires, etc. Really interesting immersion, fine visibility, optimal site for photographers, presence of stream.