I Canaloni

Between the Reulino island and the Molarotto ciliated, there’s this vast canals formation which unfold between a granite accumulation, seagrass meadows and stretches of sand covered in larg sponges and rock debris.

It’s actually a long course with descent and ascent in the blue, spreading as you look for the best path while always keeping an eye on the depth you’re at; it is not unusual, following the rock profile, to find yourself way deeper than 40m, in a surreal environment, where the visibility covers a fundamental role.

Sometimes large groupers, stingrays hidden in the sand, sea eagles and snappers are the main characters of this site, but you can also meet some peculiar fish among the rocks, not to mention that rising your head will allow you to see amberjack shoals and sardines clouds.

Minimum level: Advanced Open Water
Recommended level: Deep Diver – Nitrox
Max dept: 25/40

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