Isola Rossa

In our Marine Protected Area is a “Red Island”, a name characterising it’s attributes almost everywhere on the surface rocks. In fact it is shown on charts as the small island of Reulino, training with red granite, a few hundred meters from the mainland, just opposite the place where, more than 30 years ago, the wreck of the ship Criss ran aground and then caught fire. This little island, no bigger than 20 meters over the sea, is covered by dense vegetation in the Mediterranean where, in early summer, guls hatch hundreds of eggs, resulting in a continuous flight of birds that come and go to feed newborn chicks. . Weeks later, with the boat moored to the buoy of the park, the divers often wait before diving to observe the first approach to the flight of these pens that once took to the water. It can be approached without much fear. Underwater, one is faced with scenarios that are constantly changing: we start with a landslide of stones covered with a felt Codium, green seaweed with a characteristic round shape, swim through a vast prairie of Posidonia. A big rock that juts out toward the surface, covered with sponges and sea fans, hidden between the cracks of beautiful cowries, crabs and hermit crabs mechanical and moving towards the east, the depth increases gradually but does not exceed -18 mt if you follow the line of rocky ridge that marks the limit of removal from the boat. Along the return path, you will discover debris, hundreds of pieces of amphorae of various ages and some conglomerate of galena, the ore from which we extract the lead.

Patent minimum required: Open Water
Depth: -18

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