Secca delle Ancore

A few dozen meters from the rock of the Fig, which represents the emergence of a granite ridge that goes underwater in the direction of the base of Tavolara, you can make a dive among huge blocks of stone, from the sandy bottom at -22 m, rising to a depth of -10 m from the surface.

Features of this landscape, in addition to the bizarre shapes that come together under water, are three large admiralty anchor more than three meters long and stuck 2 feet stuck under the rocks, or simply abandoned to circumstances unknown to us.

A very easy dive for everyone, which makes swimming among the rocks, looking for interesting ideas or take some particular photo very enjoyable. Here the rocks are covered with a thin felt of algae, where yellow sponge, red of starfish, pink Flabellina andAstraea, with their characteristic spiral shell live. Do not forget to look towards the surface up every now and then to see the deep blue colour of the sea.. As for the next dive of this chain of shoals, the elephant, it is a dive in the middle of the channel between Tavolara and Molara. You can encounter really exciting sighs with big snapper, amberjack and barracuda.

Minimum level: Open Water
Recommended level: Advanced Open Water
Max dept: max 28

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