Tedjaliscia 1

Looking at the south side of Tavolara from a distance, one can easily identify this dive site because it is dominated, at over 100 meters high, by a huge, gigantic boulder. Apparently the last fragment of an entire portion of the wall which disappears underwater.

Moor the boat to the buoy, and looking up to this calcareous rock, always arouses emotion, but also apprehension by those who observe it from sea level.

In the areas most populated by algae it feels as if walking on thin felt. You can find Hermit crabs, starfish of vibrant red, white bream which are exceptionally large. The rocks are covered with red algae, gorgonian and sponges. In the area of precoralligeno, you can easily find large schools of croakers, breams framed by the inevitable black damselfish, the kings of mullet, the Anthias. A few meters deeper on the prairie of poseidonia just a little further from the point of entry, you encounter many mid-sized groupers that swim undisturbed, now accustomed to the presence of divers. Going deeper, around cavities and in the crevices that are formed by the overlapping of the crumbling cliffs begins the Posidonia sand. These Are inhabited by aragostelle, moray eels, conger eel of a truly remarkable proportions, and with a bit ‘of luck, even some really big groupers mixed in with the amberjack and snapper.

Minimum level: Open Water
Recommended level: Advanced Open Water – Deep – Nitrox
Max dept: max 38

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