Il Grottone

This spectacular dive site, the Grottone deserves a fuller description than is really possible, if only because you can make at least three different dives:
Targeted to observe, with ever new wonder, the beauty of plants and animals that inhabit the dark regions of this large cavity;
swimming at a depth of between -18 and -24 meters, including continuous rock masses, small landslides and huge rocks shaped by time;
to go in search of some large groupers who have elected to dwell among the cracks in the basement to over 35 meters deep.Of course, it is the cave that attracts most divers. When one leaves the sunlight behind, the eyes must first adjust to the dark, and then the spectacle offered by the multitude of colors that cover the great vault comes to life. It always happens when you are in these environments, where the apparent calm of the world that we’re watching often attracts divers: an experience that happens every time you get close to its entrance. Inside the cave, on the bottom sediment at least a dozen large cerianti can be observed, mechanical pieces of shrimp, a few small grouper swimming along, lots of nudibranchs, a large bunch of red mullet with their barbels combing the bottom looking for small prey. At the deepest dive point, at the end of summer, when the visibility is unbelievable, you can meet great snapper and amberjack at the dozens, swim and hunting among the huge flocks of anchovies.

Minimum level: Open Water
Recommended level: Advanced Open Water – Deep – Nitrox
Max dept: max 38

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