When it comes to diving in shallow water, it is usually considered that these are designed for divers with little experience and few pretensions. Well, this site can be visited at Tavolara arriving from Porto San Paolo and completely contradicts and overturns this view .

Although the maximum depth is reached at no more than -20 meters and, considering that the average depth of shipping lines is between -8 and -14 m, there are many points of interest and forms of animals and plant life that may be found in this location.

Among other things, some “pillars” of stone around which you can swim, are telling a different story from long gone times: they are indeed the remains of cavities and small caves due to landslides during the course of the millennia.

In addition to being an interesting dive site because it winds through the sediments of debris, piles of stones and passages beneath huge boulders tumbled down from the overhanging cliff and the Posidonia covering the whole of the slope to the edge of the 25 / 30 meters, you can observe numerous schools of fish that hide in these crevices.

A crack in the rock that provides shelter to tens of croakers and bream, vast clouds of damselfish, reflecting the sunlight, many small and medium-sized grouper, octopus, scorpion fish, nudibranchs, Anthias , mullet can be seen.

This is a dive for every level of experience not to be missed for those in search of adventure.

Patent minimum required: Open Water
Depth: -20

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