Scoglio del Fico

As described in the introductory pages of the site, when you spoke of geomorphological differences between the islands of this small archipelago, diving around the rocks of the fig after watching him towering out of the water can give an idea of what has modelled this stone over thousands of years.

It is interesting to note that although it is clearly visible above the water at about ten meters, this point of immersion is the ideal beginning of a continuing series of further dives under water in the direction of the channel between islands Molara and Tavolara, and that can be visited along pathways that descend deeper and deeper.

Conversely, visiting the rock of the fig is really easy and fun, this is a long swim to a depth of nearly continuous 15/17 mt, it allows easy circumnavigation of crystal clear water and full of unexpected surprises for divers who are normally sceptical of “shallow water”.

The route winds through boulders, vertical walls rising up on the top of the rock, deep fissures and fractures, cavities that often hide the presence of large groupers.

In this habitat, meet many species and the dense Posidonia oceanica encircling ring around the rock, often gives fascinating encounters with large newts, but also with smaller and rare creatures which hide in the leaves of this aquatic plant.

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