Secca Angelo

Another dive in the blue, following an old tug hawser which ends up in the chain of a huge Hall anchor, which probably belonged to the Chrisso ship, ashored few hundreds of meters away in front of the coast, and now almost completely sunk due to sea storms.

The water is never particularly clear, but the environment is actually really peculiar: asides from the anchor, now concreted by sponges, there are some granite accumulations, as always covered in great gorgonian branches and covered in Anthias clouds.

The bottom, mixed with sand and debris, forces a certain care when you’re swimming close to it, but encounters with astonishing sand anemones compensates the effort took not to make the water any muddier.

Few meters away from the main shoal there’s a second granite formation, deeply cracked, which is an ideal hideout for large breams and croackers.

The dive is at the decompression curve limit, attractive to take photos or start technical courses in.

Minimun level: Deep Diver
Deep: -34 / -40

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