Secca del papa 1

Anyone who has had the opportunity to read the journals, descriptions of the dives that lend themselves to remember, you will have to dive the “Secca del Papa,” This site is the most talked about and photographed during the whole ‘ year. Even for those who dive continuously on this site, it is hard not to get involved emotionally with the beauty of the images that are fixed indelibly in the memory, simply because it is a fantastic place!

Rightly considered among the finest in the Mediterranean, it requires repeated dives at different depths to understand the magic, to follow the contours, to observe the huge variety and quantity of plant and animal species, making it an extraordinary synthesis of what can be seen in the sea.

However, this is not a dive for everyone. Particularly at the depth of -50 m, which reaches the bottom around the main area, the need for an excellent buoyancy control is necessary, having to swim a half’ water to “fly over” the areas where the numerous and large groupers, reside but mostly because you get closer to the giant gorgonian fans, red or yellow should be prevented from touching and damaging. The area is now equipped with two buoys, and anchoring is absolutely forbidden. Whatever the itinerary, swimming takes place amid huge clouds of damselfish that frame the peaks that rise to the surface.

Minimum level: Advanced Open Water Diver
Recommended level: Deep – Nitrox
Max dept: max 40

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