Punta Arresto 2

A simply extraordinary, memorable dive if you consider how close it is to the coast and the low depth at which the underwater route starts. The Punta Arresto shoal lies just a few dozen metres off the shore at the north-eastern tip of Molara island. It lends its name to a vast rocky complex of huge projections of pale granite that rise to -3m under the surface. The quantity of light reaching the various underwater environments is one of the main factors that contribute to a greater presence of animal and plant organisms, and Secca di Punta Arresto – one of the best dives in the area – provides a clear example of this effect. There are often amazing views to be seen even before you enter the water. On bright, calm days you can lean out of the boat to look at the sea floor: you can easily distinguish the pinnacles and clefts that define the route, and the gullies, which start at an average depth of -14m and reach as deep as -33m. Mediterranean damselfish, saddled sea bream and picarel swim around the top of the shoal and, towards the end of the summer, shoals of anchovy and garfish are seen just under the surface. Brown meagre, scorpionfish, moray eels, European spiny lobsters and small European locust lobster hide among the jumble of rocks on the seabed. On the northern side, a number of large groupers swim undisturbed, masked by both the prairie of Posidonia and the intense blue of the open sea. Visibility is always very good. Large shoals of amberjack and dentex often dart in suddenly from the open sea; they are easy to see amongst the extraordinary rocky scenery and through the stunning shafts of lighted created by the morning sun. It is no coincidence that Secca di Punta Arresto is also one of the best and most fascinating sites for a night dive. As they are flooded with artificial light, the endless cracks, clefts and lairs offer a stunning display of aquatic life that is difficult to see in otherwise.

Minimum level: Open Water
Recommended level: Advanced Open Water – Deep – Nitrox
Max dept: max 35

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