Punta la Mandria

Right at the beginning of a long cliff Tavolara, there is a very special dive site for the type of seabed and the path that must be followed to achieve it: a long swim on Posidonia, always interesting to get to the depth of -26 meters and be confronted with a seemingly deserted stretch of sand.

Water is always a bit dull, and the frequent presence of a slow stream however, does discourage divers from adventuring in search of a first, giant boulders from the wall, and colonized by red and yellow sea fans, sponges and is a refuge for octopus, bream and croakers.

Past this first boulder, confused by the opaque but luminous water, appear a second and then third rock that stands at a depth of -40 m. A few minutes to watch the beautiful sea fans and a big old grouper that is hiding in its branches, and then the return path to the surface begins.

Not an usual dive because its duration is limited by distance and depth of rock: a little time spent on the bottom, usually no more than 10 or 12 minutes, and then back again to see where the dense Posidonia , Pinna nobilis, cuttlefish, thrushes, spider crabs, moray eels are. After reaching the final part of the dive under the boat where it is only about 6 meters deep, we will spend the last few minutes browsing through the cracks of the cliffs that jut into the water, and hiding bream, croakers, sea bream, grouper and many small octopuses.

Minimum level: Deep Diver
Recommended level: Nitrox
Max dept : max 36

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