Punta Levante

Going from dry Punta stop along the eastern side of Molara, towards the open sea so you can see a stretch of coast that is very characteristic. Framed by the typical formation of this small island and by imposing red granite rocks.

The landscape always leaves visitors astonished at what they can see, carved by wind and sea. Curious rock formations which resemble different animals: a seahorse, a hawk, a horse’s head, an elephant, incredibly real looking.

All the way around this side of the island presents a landscapes and colours which only Sardinia can offer. And so it happens that while, in the channel Tavolara the impetuous mistral blows and shatters the surface of the sea, there are sheltered coves in the countless shades of blue. La Punta Levante, is interesting for people who love to snorkel because it is characterized by ravines and crevices in which many species live. Cormorans, sitting on the rocks watching these strange guests of the Sea , drying their wings in the sun. Where the boat moored, you have the possibility of making a long dive, easily possible in favourable climatic conditions. It is versatile and interesting because it is within the capability of every diver due to the minimum depth of one of rocks at 6 mt. Underwater it is easy to meet bream, snappers, croakers, groupers brown barracuda: clouds of damselfish, wrapingp around the tops of peaks. While in the deeper parts of the dive, or between the landslides you can observe moray eels, conger eels and forkbeards hidden in the less exposed to light.

Minimum level: Open Water
Recommended level: Advanced Open Water
Max dept: max 24

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