Secca La Mandria – Recreational

With this dive “in the blue” we are at the limit of recreational diving, as we are at a depth of between 38 and 40m, swimming on a seabed of 45m and more.
This is definitely a short time to stay within the safety curve, but the possibility of doing it with Nitrox 30% gives us not only a few extra minutes and less nitrogen saturation, but also the opportunity to move for a short distance from the granite buttress of the main point, to the one a few meters away, which is perhaps even more beautiful and full of gorgonians.
We are in the middle of the channel separating Tavolara and Molara, on a sandy seabed where it is possible to have some interesting encounters: sea goats, lobsters, forkbeards, as well as nudibranchs moving among the gorgonian branches, sponges and the felt covering the rocks.
The dive begins and ends by descending along an elbow that has been there for over 25 years, now thickly covered with a felt of algae and hydrozoans along which dozens and dozens of nudibranchs move undisturbed, which is why, depending on the time of the season, you should also take a look at the blue that surrounds the divers: large amberjacks or passing tuna, sunfish moving around inside the Marine Reserve, can be unexpected and surprising company.

Minimum Patent: Deep Diver
Recommended Patent: Decompression – Nitrox
Depth: 40m

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